Inspirational Stories

Learn to enjoy every second of your life. Never wait for something outside of yourself to make you happy in the future. Believe in yourself, everybody deserves a great abilities. Be the best that you can be! Admire and respect the people outside, but necessarily you should be happy by being yourself. You’ll just need to love yourself before you can actually love someone else. Be honest, work towards for your own goals, and someday will achieve it. #NoteToMyself
All my life I’ve been waiting for someone. Along my journey I’ve met people who pretend it’s them. But some come pretty close to it. But I know there is still somewhere out there. So that why, I’m still waiting for someone who will cross paths with me. The one who will jolts my heart to life that makes me feel like flying above.
It is not the tears that measure the pain, it is the smile that is fake. . . See that smile? It has a hidden sorrow. A girl who got the eye of innocence, a girl with the face of an angle, and a girl that has depression and horrible confidence but she hides it from everyone. Behind that smile, there’s a story that no one would never understand. She let herself to pretend that everything’s alright to forget her struggles for a while. People thinks that she’s fine but no one knows she’s going insane. And she’ll continue to smile and keep the problems inside ’cause she thinks that is the best way to feel better.
I’ve waken up without you here. My minds tells me so loud and so clear that it’s over. Wishing that I could take it back and fight again, but I can’t. I can’t rewind, I can’t undo what’s done. No time machine that bring us back. No apology is gonna get this on track! Never wanted anything so bad. It’s just one mistake, one reget and one memory that I know you can’t forget. . How can I move on? ‘Cause my future has become your past.
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Life is full of works. Everyone of us gets tired, but it doesn’t mean that you will loose your hope. We live to work, to relax, but sometimes, to be exhausted. All of us have different stories. Some of us has a full of stuggles. Just close your eyes and imagine the world that full of stuggles that you live today, a world that full of judgement and full of rejection. But you should always remember that every struggles, makes a life a better story. It is you who can choose to make your life better.
You’re not ugly. You are born that way. Even they are making laugh at you, they are just jealous and they want you to feel sad cause you think that’s true. You don’t need to cry cause beauty is not only on the outside. Learn to love and appreciate yourself, you are art and a masterpiece designed by the universe. Never think that you’re a mistake, you are a purpose to live every single day. . . You are beautiful. Don’t mind them, you are better.
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No one can feel your pain. But no one knows if your have the same feeling. No one can feel your sadness, anger and your tear, so that’s why it hurts. All they can do is to comfort you. They can’t understand your story cause it is yours. You need to be strong! Don’t let anyone know about your struggles. Pretend that you’re always fine. You’ll just need to ride it out. It will be alright!
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It feels so perfect when you find someone that captures your heart. Someone who appreciates you for everything. Someone who you don’t have to explain things cause they already understand. Someone who already knows exactly what they have. And someone who stands by you even when you feel like you don’t deseve them. But always remember that if you desire too much, can lead to disappoinment. We dont need to have a perfect relationship cause it doesn’t have and it will never have. It is just a dream of every person who is broken. . . We just need to find someone who is imperfect that can make our life perfect.